Samurai Set

Frame_color:Deep black/ Shining Silver/Bright Yellow
Lens_material:PC REVO Lenses/w AR Coating
Lens_color:Deep Green REVO/ Shining Golden REVO/ Bright Red REVO with AR coating/ Night use lens


  • REVO lenses with AR Coating
  • Enhanced contrast vision
  • Glare-free
  • With Adjustable nose pad
  • Yellow clear lens available
  • Light weight
  • With RX adapter for prescription lens

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  • Material: TR90 Frame/ PC lens
  • Filter Catagory: #3 Spare Lens:#0
  • Optical Level: 1
  • Suitable For Driving: Yes
  • Non-Toxic Painting
  • Inspection Standards: CNS15067/EN1836

Price:USD 63

  • Cozy : Free, Happy, Comfortable

    Set : COZY*1 / Microfiber pouch / Case


    TR90 (GRILAMID TROGAMID CX): is a high-tech memorized material developed and produced by EMS, Swiss Chemical Company. Due to its transmittance up to 90%, it is abbreviated as TR-90, and it also called "super-elastic memorized resin", as known "plastic titanium." This material is high wear resistant and not be deformed after extreme pressure, so it is usually used to be high-priced commercial products, glasses frames.

    With super toughness, crashworthiness, wear resistance, and low coefficient of friction, it can effectively prevent eyes and faces from injuries because of the breaking frame to cause friction.


    Also known as transparent steel, with six properties of lightweight, heat-resistance, high optical clarity, impact resistance, UV cut and low birefringence, can effectively block UV, UV100% resistance.